Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Transformers 2 Movie Review - SPOILERS ABOUND

Well the film is currently getting slated left right and, of course, centre. The film is brash, unsubtle and occassionally breath-takingly dumb... but is pant wettingly enjoyable at the same time.

I had very low expectations for the first film, I knew it wouldn't be following the lines of the well told stories of my youth but I was steeled for a good action film with robots beating the shit out of each other. As it turned out that was what I got and it was also quite funny. TF2 is basically the same film but writ even larger. The plot is pretty much the same: Object is powerful, don't let bad man have object. The humour is present here and massively expanded on (occassionally to its detriment) and the action scenes are nothing short of spectacular. What also got enlarged from the first film was the lack of real plot which seems even more noticable this time 'round. All the failings of the first film are on full and obvious display in TF2, but the aspects that TF1 did well are also enlarged.

So in some ways the film is complete crap. But in a great many important ways its absolutely brilliant.

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