Monday, 10 August 2009

Interview Prime

Whoopy de whoop whoop y'all!

My first ever interview is up over at Publishing Comics which is a fairly new site

In it I discuss taking feedback, getting better, being realistic and the secrets of the universe hidden in pine cones... OK that last bit is a fib... It's my first real interview after helping to write the answers to the Newsarama War Journal interview well over a year ago.
In addition the adventure to the big smoke last month has been blogged about here:

And last but not least but a piece of mine has been featured on a blog under the title "Best Artwork of Superheroes from the Most Talented Comic Artists" which is a hell of a thing. However, the piece featured was a peice I coloured of Mike Weiringo, so I think I just got lucky on being featured somehow. The link is here:

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